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How to Prepare a Daily Tarot Reading
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 01/25/2007 | Tarot Reading |
How to Prepare a Daily Tarot Reading

TarotConsistency and Practice make Daily Tarot Readings Meaningful while Sharpening Your Spiritual Side

Many people incorporate a daily tarot reading into their daily schedule.  This is a good way to keep connected with your spiritual side and to focus on the forces at work in your life.

As with any kind of readings, there are many different ways that a daily reading can be done.

Many people incorporate a daily tarot reading into their daily schedule.  This is a good way to keep connected with your spiritual side and to focus on the forces at work in your life.

The most popular method of reading tarot daily is the one card method.  This means that one single card will be the entire reading and this will take place each day.

I always emphasize that even though only one card is used for this reading that you do not rush through this reading.  It may seem that it wonít take long to shuffle the cards and grab one that you will take some meaning from, but this would really defeat the purpose of a tarot reading.

I suggest that before any reading, including a simple daily one, that you take a few moments to calm your mind and become centered and focused inward before you handle the tarot cards.

Once you have done this you should pick up the tarot deck and sit quietly while you hold it for another moment or so.  Then, shuffle the deck while remaining calm and preferably with your eyes closed.  Stop shuffling when the urge comes to you to stop.

You can decide if you draw your card from the top of the shuffled deck or if you randomly choose a card from anywhere in the deck.  Your regimen may take the form of shuffling and then cutting the deck and taking that card.  Whichever way you choose to make the selection, the same method should be used each day.

What it Means

The card that you select each day will have some connection to your life, your challenges, your feelings and your aspirations.  You are the very best person to interpret how the meaning of each card fits into what you already know about yourself.  Some cards will be a bit of a challenge and you may want to look up their meanings online to help you pin down how they fit into your circumstances.

Sometimes the meaning you draw from your daily card will simply be from the suit of the card.  If you draw a wand, the most meaning you may find in the card is that you should focus on your passion.  Perhaps if makes sense in your life for a wand card to indicate that you should put more passion into your work.  The longer you do these daily readings the more easily you will be able to interpret the meanings.

Results Journal

I like to suggest that a journal be kept for daily readings.  This is not necessary and it may seem rather intrusive to some people and they should not feel they need to track their daily cards.

For those who may be interested in patterns though, a daily reading journal can be a great tool.

If you find that you are consistently drawing cups for example, you can spend some time sorting out why your daily readings are so focused on emotions and moods as is indicated by the suit.  Perhaps you will find that during a period of emotional upheaval in your life that your daily tarot readings were often cups.  Also consider the reverse of this which means that the card may be indicating to you that you need more emotion than you are currently allowing in your life.  The balance of each card means that there is a more positive and a negative side to it.

Consistency Brings Results

However you decide to manage your daily tarot reading, I cannot emphasize consistency enough.  I believe that the subconscious mind and the spiritual side of our being responds to the symbolism in the tarot and treating the cards in a consistent ritualistic manner helps those parts of our minds focus better on the task of gathering information from inside ourselves.  Consistently reading the same way and even the same time of the day is can become a signal to your inner self that will help spark the divination methodology.

Keep at it even if you are struggling with the interpretations of the cards.   This will get easier as you go and as you learn each suit and each cardís significance.  You may want to keep a tarot book handy or a good website listed in your favourites so that you can find guidance when you are baffled.

Daily tarot readings are a fantastic way to take a few minutes out of the day to sharpen the interpretive and spiritual side of you.  You may be gaining more than just a daily tip.

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