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Tarot Reading: The Easy Way To Do A Tarot Spread
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 01/16/2007 | Tarot Reading |
Tarot Reading: The Easy Way To Do A Tarot Spread

TarotSimple tarot spreads can be extremely useful and should be considered as a means of enlightenment

Tarot reading can often seem rather overwhelming because of the complex nature of this kind of divination.  The spread itself can involve relationships between cards that appear in each spot and all of this can make the task of unravelling the meaning quite difficult for those who have not been using tarot for very long or for those who simply do not have the spiritual nature that is sometimes needed to do a regular reading.

Some easy tarot spreads can be the answer for many situations.  Some people use simple spreads for readings they do for themselves and they go to an expert occasionally for more complex readings.  Some people find a simple spread quite useful in their day to day questions and use it that way.  Other people are learning the craft and like to begin with the more simply structured spreads and work their way up to the more complicated ones.

One, Two, Three

One of the most useful and simple spreads that individuals can do themselves uses only three cards.   As with any tarot reading, I strongly suggest that you spend a little time in calmness before proceeding with your card reading.  Take a few moments to sit quietly and become centered.  If you meditate, do so.  Calm your mind.

When you take the cards in your hand, I suggest you close your eyes and focus on your question and feel the cards in your hand.  You want to make a connection with the cards because you are asking them to help answer your question.  When you have held the cards for a moment or two, then you can shuffle them until you feel comfortable with how they feel.  Stop shuffling as soon as you feel the urge to stop.  Draw your three cards from the deck and lay them down in the order drawn.

The first card will represent the past.  You will need to interpret this card by the meaning it holds as an individual card and try to relate that to something from your past and especially something that relates to your question.  Remember the past does not necessarily mean distant past.  This could mean last week if it fits.

The second card will represent the present.  Again, interpret this card based on its meaning and suit and think about how that fits into your present circumstances.  Think about how this is related to your question.

The third card represents the future.  This will give you an idea of where you are going with the question at hand. 

After you have studied all three cards, see if you can make any connections between the cards and between the past, present and future.

Many people love using the tarot deck this way and have gained insight into their lives by seeking answers from the tarot and their subconscious mind.

Variations of Three

Another easy way to use the tarot comes in a three card spread.  In this version the first card will indicate the nature of the situation you are asking about.  The second card will tell you about your attitude towards this situation.  The third card will indicate something that is important to the resolution of this situation.

I suggest you prepare yourself and the cards exactly as I indicated above.  When you interpret using this method however, all the cards relate to what is happening right now.  You will need to find the relationships between the cards here to see all three aspects of your problem.  Be creative with the solution based on all possible meanings you can find for that third card and see how that fits.

Canít Get Easier

One of the very easiest ways to use the tarot deck is to simply draw one card from it.  As I indicated before, be sure you are centered and calm when handling the cards.  Draw one card from the deck and interpret how its meaning can fit into your present circumstances.  You may not want to actually pose a question when you use this method but rather take the card as an indication of how you can adjust your attitude for the day or what your focus should be on for this day.

Many people draw one card each day and are able to find meaning in it for inspiration, understanding and encouragement in their daily life.

Please remember that if you incorporate these easy methods of tarot reading into your life, you will still benefit from a full reading whenever you have one.  Simple readings certainly have a place in tarot and their importance should not be downplayed.  For many people, especially those who spend time in quiet mediation, this can be the very best and most personal reading.

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