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Tarot Reading: The Secrets of the Minor Arcana
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 01/14/2007 | Tarot Reading |
Tarot Reading: The Secrets of the Minor Arcana

Minor ArcanaMinor arcanum does not mean minor importance to your personal tarot reading.

The tarot deck of cards includes fifty six cards comprising the minor arcana.  These cards are separated into four suits much like a deck of playing cards.  The suits used in the tarot deck are swords, cups, wands and pentacles. 

The meanings of the minor arcana are not necessarily easy to decipher.  Each card that is selected when you have your tarot reading done has a significant meaning to the entire reading.   Using the meaning of each suit and each card number as well as the position in which the card appears in the reading means that the same card can mean something quite different from one reading to another.

Tarot Deck Suits

Generally, wands represent fire and creativity.  The cups represent water and love while the swords indicate air and reasoning.  The pentacles (which can sometimes be called coins) represent the earth and the material world.  The number on each card may or may not represent the strength of the element shown on it by its suit.  I strongly suggest that you leave the interpretation of the strength of each card up to your reader who knows which cards indicated stronger issues than others.  The minor arcana cards that you select in your reading work with the major arcana cards in the reading.  Often the issues are clearly identified by the major arcana cards and the minor arcana cards simply clarify their meaning.

Symbolism is key

I believe that the secrets held by those fifty six minor arcana cards in the tarot deck are more within the symbolic threads of connection with all the other cards in the reading than they are within each singular card.  To over analyze each picture or material depicted on any one card is not recommended, especially if you are not experienced in the world of tarot. 

One of the best ways I can explain my point about the symbolism within the tarot deck is to talk about the different types of tarot decks out there.  There are ancient Egyptian tarot cards, gypsy themed cards and modern themed cards.  Each tarot reader has their own preference of which type of deck they prefer.  The reason for this is the spirituality of each reader is expressed in different ways including different cards with different symbols within them.  For you to try to decipher the symbols in each part of the picture depicted for each card could put you onto a very wrong path because what may be an underlying meaning of one element in one set of tarot cards may indicate something entirely different in another set of cards.  For this reason, I strongly urge you to let your reader use their own symbolism when reading your cards.

No card stands alone

Some elements on a card in your reading may only come into play when combined with certain other cards.  If, for example you see water displayed in the background of one of the minor arcana cards in your reading you should allow your reader to determine whether or not that connects with any other symbolism in the reading.  It may not be significant in your particular reading and so you should not feel that every piece of every card is important.  Remember to let the overall picture come together so that you can receive your message and your answers.

Each minor arcana card does have specific meaning, but each card’s meaning is also dependant on where that card falls in the reading and what other cards appear with it.  I suggest you remember that the spiritual symbolism of the reader can also be a large part of reading.  You will want to let them focus and see whatever symbolic messages they can for you.

Putting it all together

Never underestimate the meaning of the minor arcana cards in a tarot reading.  Because each reading uses a very small number of the seventy eight cards in the tarot deck, each one carries a significant weight.   The biggest secrets to be found in any one card will often be within the thread of symbolism amongst all the selected cards.  The suit or the number may connect to other cards in a significant way or some other symbol may connect this card to a major arcana card in a way that can suddenly illuminate an issue in a big way.

The secrets held within the minor arcana cards may seem very obscure based on my explanation here.  You must keep in mind however, that these secrets are there to be read – they just must be read in consideration of how they relate to the other cards before they can be fully understood and applied to your specific situation.

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