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7 Tips for Better Meditation
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 01/8/2007 | Meditation And Spirituality |
7 Tips for Better Meditation

MeditationMeditation is an intensely personal and, for some people, private experience. It is a complete and total relaxation technique and some may need unique circumstances to help bring upon that level of rest. 

For most people, however, there are basic guidelines to follow to get the most out of your meditation sessions. Here is a helpful list you can follow the next time you have a meditation session.


        Meditation is inexorably tied to your body. If you donít feel confident and happy with the current state of your body, you will have a very hard time relaxing properly. This applies to all aspects of your body. If you are planning on meditating later that day, try to eat extra healthy that day so when you go to meditate, you know that youíve made healthy choices that day.

If you feel much better about your body after a shower or bath, take one before you go to meditate. Try not to eat right before you meditate, but you can eat right earlier in the day. If you feel better after stretching, do that before you meditate. Any easy to implement practice that helps put you more at ease and in a relaxing frame of mind is a good idea before you meditate.


       Just as you should prepare your body for meditation, you should also prepare your mind. You should look forward to meditation, so that when the time comes, youíre ready for it and in the right frame of mind. Try to lock yourself away the best you can. If you canít get away from a phone or guests, try turning your phone off and going in another room away from people.

If you have a nagging chore you need to do, finish it before you even consider meditating. You must have as clear of a mind as possible before you even consider sitting down to meditate.


        One of the ways that many people chose to set their mind at ease is with music. Music can be the best mood setter out there, so if you need a little extra help finding the right mood for your meditation, put on a favorite song or a song that you feel is empowering or makes you feel self confident. Get lost in the words or the beat and use it to help slide yourself into a meditative state. There is nothing wrong with using a bit of help if you need it and music is one of the best sources for that.


       You should make sure that your posture is good during meditation. While that may sound a bit odd, you need to make sure your back is straight and your legs crossed. If you can make it into a lotus position or the half lotus position, youíll be in great shape. A straight back and proper posture will help your body achieve a deeper and more meaningful state of meditation.


       Follow the experts. People have been refining the art of meditation for millennia and your meditation instructor has likely learned from experts and passed that knowledge on to you. While a small amount of freelancing is fine, you should stick with the original lesson as much as possible. The methods taught are like that for a reason and they have been proven to achieve the highest levels of meditative bliss. While it may be tempting to do your own thing, you should place your trust in your teacher and use the examples he or she taught you.


        Meditation is habit forming. If you begin meditation and youíre serious about making it part of your life, it will be most beneficial to you if you make it a regular part of your life. You wonít experience the true benefit if you only do it once in a while. Practice does in fact make perfect in this instance and the more regular your meditation sessions are, the more youíll enjoy it and the better youíll feel.


       Patience is key. By introducing meditation into your life, youíve taken a single step along a path of enlightenment and inner peace. It is a long journey, however. If you donít feel like youíre getting the results youíre after once a week or a month has passed, be patient. There are people who spend a lifetime meditating who only reach what they are looking for after decades of practice. Stick with it and youíre sure to achieve your goal.

Meditation is a beautiful and wonderful practice that millions of people take part in every day around the world. It does, however, take years of meditation to truly see results and while that can be frustrating to some people, it is those with the foresight to stick with it that are rewarded in the end.

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