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Discover The Spooky Ties With Current and Historical Events
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 01/1/2007 | Numerology Reading |
Discover The Spooky Ties With Current and Historical Events

NumerologyTo say that practical use of numerology has become more common place in the last few years would be a drastic understatement. With the dawn of the new millennium, the events of 9-11, and a recent date that was thought to be the incarnation of the number of the beast, numerology has gone mainstream.

You see analysts on CNN crunching numbers and putting forth equations in an attempt to show significance between events and numbers. A bunch of recent examples have highlighted a rather spooky connection between numbers and current events.

·        The most obvious numerical connection is the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. In the United States, where dates are written month-day-year, the attacks were said to of happened on 9-11, or 911, the phone number dialed to reach emergency services in most of the Western world. The use of 911 extends beyond just North America to most of Europe and South America as well. The terrorists were said to of picked this date on purpose due to its significance of the date as it related to 911.


·        When New York Yankees pitcher Corey Lidle crashed his small plane into a residential building in New York City on October 11th, 2006many people had painful flashbacks to the events of 9-11. But what many people missed was the numerological significance of the date in which the attack happened. Writing the date of the crash as 10/11/06, you take the date and essentially turn it upside down. The date you’re left with 09/11/01 or September 11th, 2001.


·        There is much more numerology associated with the events of 9/11. In most Muslim cultures, the birth of the prophet Mohammed is celebrated on the 11th day of the 9th month. On the Western calendar, September 11th was the 254th day of the year – 2+5+4 = 11. The two towers that were standing together looked very much like a giant number 11. The number of windows that were located in both buildings was 21800 – 2+1+8 = 11. Building number 7, which was the third building to collapse during the attacks was 47 stories tall 4+7 = 11. There are also several strange spellings that equal 11, such as New York City and Afghanistan both have 11 letters.


·        The number 23 is extremely significant in numerology and seems tied to hundreds of important social events throughout time. It has been written about extensively by leading numerologists. Examples include the first ever Morse code transmission was made up of a phrase from the bible that was passage 23:23 from Numbers, the only United States President to serve a term in between the non-consecutive terms of another president was the 23rd president, hurricane Katrina became a hurricane on August 23rd of that year, September 11, 2001 = 9+11+2+0+0+1 = 23. The assassination of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald both happened on either side of the 23rd of the month and famous personality Johnny Carson both was born and died on the 23rd of a month.


·        Everyone is familiar with the flight of NASA’s Apollo 13. For those that were not alive during the launch, a recent film has recapped the strange set of circumstances that led to the almost-disaster. The mission number of 13 was almost changed at the last minute due to the belief that 13 is an unlucky number. The exact launch time of the mission was 2:13pm in the afternoon, adding an additional appearance of the number 13. The astronauts almost died during the mission and if it wasn’t for a daring, last minute decision that ended up working out, all of the astronauts would have been lost.


·        The much reported and well known Kennedy-Lincoln connection extends well beyond just numerology to the realm of the outright supernatural. Both men were elected to Congress exactly 100 years apart from each other. Both men were elected President exactly one hundred years from each other. Both men were shot on the same day of the week (Friday). Both successors that the Presidents had were also born exactly 100 years apart from each other. Both assassins had 15 letters in their name. Both Kennedy and Lincoln are 7-letter names. While people still claim that this is nothing but a coincidence, it’s hard to dismiss all of these numerical and non-numerical historical facts.


·        One tale of numerology that is oddly gaining momentum as the years go on is the fact that if you take the name of President Ronald Wilson Reagan, the number of letters in each name comes out to 666. While Reagan was a popular president who served two terms, he was also controversial during his presidency for many different reasons. There are stories that suggest that Reagan was keenly aware of this correlation and even had a house number changed at one point that he lived in because the address was 666 (it has been said it was changed to 668). Reagan, oddly enough, was the pioneer of involving the Christian Right into the Republican Party. He was also thought to be very anti-gay, which was demonstrated by his complete ignoring of the AIDS crisis during the 1980’s.

While there is no concrete proof that any of these numerological instances are significant, they are too numerous and too common to be completely ignored. As long as numerology exists, we’ll be privileged to these original and fresh interpretations of current events and maybe we can grasp some deeper meaning.

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