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What You Should Know About Your Pets And Feng Shui
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 12/29/2006 | Feng Shui Secrets |
What You Should Know About Your Pets And Feng Shui

FengshuiSo, youíve decided to look into this Feng Shui thing and youíve started to make some changes around your home. Youíve rearranged a few things here, put out a few good luck charms there and youíve adjusted your color scheme accordingly.

Youíve bought into the power of positive thinking bit and youíve been slowly replacing items that put you in a negative frame of mind. Everything is coming together for the perfect Feng Shui home, expect for one thing. Fluffy and Fido keep treating your new furniture design like itís a jungle gym and youíre getting orange cat fur and brown dog fur mixed in with your green and blue Feng Shui furniture.

What to do? Well, there is only so much you can do with the pet dog and cat. Here are a few pointers to help you with pets and Feng Shui in your home.


   Your pet is good Feng Shui. Really, they are! Pets are full of life, vitality and wonderment. Even if you have a big, lazy fat cat, their quiet confidence and approach to the world fills your home with positive energy and not just cat hair. If you thought you had to take Fluffy and Fido to the pound to generate that perfect Feng Shui home, think again. You might want to go to the pound for a second cat, but not to give one up.

        Cleanliness is next to Feng Shuiness Ė Yes, itís true, youíll be happier and in a better state of mind in a clean home. And nothing is better for your pets than a well taken care of carpet, water dish and cat box. If it takes a build up of cat hair to get you to drag out the vac, then consider your pets a positive influence on your Feng Shui.


        In proper Feng Shui, people and animals must be kept separate. What that means is that if you have a dog, you should make sure he or she gets the proper training to obey commands. If you have a cat, keep them off the furniture, unless itís a piece of furniture that is specifically made for the cat or dog. Make sure you discipline them when they do something wrong and love them when they are good. This will boost your Feng Shui.


        Keep the pets out of the bedroom. Feng Shui is all about love and, as we all know, for couples, most lovemaking happens in the bedroom. Have this as a human-only space. Donít allow the cat or dog into the room at all if you can and donít let the pets sleep on the bed at night since it tends to separate the two people sleeping in it.


        Pets shouldnít be the entire focus of the home. Most people love their pets as much as they love their children, but they should have a space and a place all their own. If you invite company over and the smell of the cat box is the first thing they notice, it will bring in feelings of pity and sadness into the home and thatís not going to help your Feng Shui. Neither will having guests scared to death by a big, scary dog every time they come over. Pets should know their place and not rule over the home.


        Donít let a pet compromise your health. If youíre allergic to cats, even just a little, itís probably time to give Fluffy to a relative. You wonít ever feel optimal if you keep pets that are making you sick around the home. Proper Feng Shui requires a clear, positive state of mind and that can be hard to keep when youíre constantly reaching for the Kleenex.


        Donít let too much pet luck ruin you. Yes, pets, overall, are good Feng Shui due to their energy and love, but if youíre leaving the house every day covered in pet hair and you arenít confident about your appearance, then you might want to cut down on the number of pets you own. Itís all about frame of mind. If your depressed about your appearance due to the pets, change the pet situation.

Your petís connection to your Feng Shui might be bigger than you think. If you were to sit and write down every aspect your pet makes to your life, the list would be much longer than you probably think.

If you think having a pet is affecting you love life, then you need to decide if having the pet is more important than finding a lover and stick with that decision. Donít let it nag at you and bring down your level of positive chi. Having a pet can be a wonderful experience, but it only helps your Feng Shui as long as you want it to.

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