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7 Powerful Meditation Tips to Develop Your Insight and Wisdom
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 12/20/2006 | Meditation And Spirituality |
7 Powerful Meditation Tips to Develop Your Insight and Wisdom

MeditationWhen people sit down to meditate, they are often all chasing a different goal. Some simply take to meditation as a way to relax and think clearly. Some take to meditation because it helps them concentrate and focus. While others are hoping to gain insight about their life and gain a special wisdom that can only be obtained through the introspection that comes with meditation. 
Here are a few helpful tips to help you gain the insight and wisdom youíre looking for from meditation.


  • Everyone knows that when you meditate, you are told to clear your mind of any troublesome or bothersome thoughts so that you may delve into the realm of deep and complete meditation. But if you are looking to gain wisdom on a particular nagging question, you can simply focus on that one topic as you relax and let your mind go, except for that one burning question. Let all your other worries from the day fall off your back like rainwater, but keep the topic you wish to gain insight on close to your heart. You will see better results this way if that is why you are choosing to meditate.

  • Something you can do to increase your focus on the topic you wish to gain insight on is to place a small object, a reminder of some kind, in the palm of your hand when you meditate. Even if you close your hand into a fist when you meditate, you can feel the object pressing into your palm. You can focus your mindís energy on that object and this will help mind to wrap itself around the problem you want to solve. Even if you simply place the object in front of you instead of in your hand, youíll know that it is there and it will serve as a constant reminder of what wisdom you wish to gain from your meditation session.


  • The same essential goal can be had by putting on some quiet music while you meditate. It should be on very, very quietly, only loud enough for you to barely make out while you enter your meditation. Make sure the song (put it on repeat so it plays over and over during your session) has a direct link to the problem youíre hoping to gain wisdom on. If the topic you wish to gain insight on is about money, have it be a song you associate with wealth. If it is a relationship problem, make it a song that you associate with that particular person. Donít allow the music to be loud enough that it will disturb your meditative state, only loud enough for it to dance upon the outer reaches of your mind as you meditate.


  • To get your mind into the proper frame before you even sit to meditate, spend the 10 minutes immediately before you meditate thinking about the issue you wish to gain insight on. You donít have to do any hardcore brainstorming, just ponder it quietly. Think about different angles involved and different ways you could approach it.


  • Scent can also be a strong trigger for memory and creative thought. If it all possible, try to have something near you that you associate with the problem youíre trying to resolve. If it is a relationship problem, have a small dab of cologne or perfume. If it is about money, have a scent that reminds you of wealth and prosperity. The nose and the mind work closely together, donít underestimate the power the two can have on your meditation.


  • Make sure you meditate for wisdom and insight during a time when you will not be distracted. You are essentially asking your mind to perform an elaborate series of tasks that can all be shattered by a curious child interrupting or a careless spouse stumbling upon you. Try to do this style of meditation when youíre completely alone and there is zero chance youíll be bothered. Also, the amount of time this style of meditation takes varies greatly. Make sure you have plenty of time to meditate. When estimating the time youíll need, itís better to overestimate then underestimate since you donít want to be on the verge of a breakthrough and then be disturbed.


  • To solve some tougher problems, it may take multiple sessions, sometimes even months worth of delicate introspection before a problem is properly solved. Depending on how your mind approaches the problem and how deep your meditation is, different problems with be solved at different paces. Donít get frustrated and donít give up. Remember, even if you donít solve the problem at all, youíre still doing your body a world of good by meditating in the first place. Give it time and in most cases, youíll be very happy with the results.<?xml:namespace prefix = o /><o:p></o:p>


The keys to successful insight and wisdom meditation can be tough to grasp for some. In this world of instant gratification, it can be hard for some newcomers to meditation to have the patience if they donít get what they are looking for right away. But the path to true inner peace, not to mention wisdom and insight, is a long and winding one and only those with dedication will be able to reap the reward.


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