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Seven best numerology programs
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 12/5/2006 | Numerology Reading |
Seven best numerology programs

NumerologyWith the rapid increase in the popularity of numerology, many different software programs have been developed to allow people to calculate their own numerology. Most of the programs out there are free of charge, but some have extra utilities that can only be unlocked once you pay. Letís take a look at seven of the most popular numerology calculators out there and find one thatís right for you.

  • Probably the most well known and popular numerology calculator website out there, Decoz offers two different types of software, a free version and a pay version. The free software is attractive and is probably the most attractive of all the calculators out there. The calculator figures personality profiles as well as a forecast report that looks at what the future holds for you and your numbers. There are also free short profiles and a chart calculator. There is even a game included that uses numerology as its basis. The pay software on the site includes 20+ page personality profiles that are much more in-depth than the one you get in the free software. It also comes with a program called Numbers Around You which takes a look at things like your phone number and address to see if you are compatible with it. This is without a doubt the most complete numerology software out there.†

  • This attractive website offers their own numerology software. Just like the above site, this one offers two different kinds of software, a free one and a pay one. The free software is an evaluation copy of the pay software and is limited to two numerology reports, two relationship reports, two yearly reports and two numerological charts. Once you pay to activate the software, the limits are removed. While not as attractive as the Decoz software, it is still a powerful program that can meet all of your numerological needs.

  • This site uses warm orange and yellow colours to make the user feel at home right away. The software on this site is $19.95 and has several features. It offers numerology readings for your name and date of birth, as well as a look at your compatibility with friends, family and coworkers. It also takes a look at which celebrity you might be compatible with. The software has a lottery number generator that can give you a lifetime of numbers to play. Finally, it comes with printing ability so you can make hard copies of your readings.

  • The Mystic Board is an internet message board that also offers their own free numerology software. One of the major benefits of using this software is that you can use the message board to chat about your own findings and even stumble upon a number match! The software does all the basic numerological calculations based on birthday, name and birth name. There are also lots of other free numerology downloads available on the Mystic Board, all with their own set of controls and abilities.†

  • The Holistic Makeover site comes with its own numerology software that is $45.00 to use, but comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. The software offers many different services, but for some reason, they arenít clearly spelled out on the website. The site does say that you will be able to use the software to find out when you will be more likely to fall in love, as well as when your focus will be pulled towards your social life or your career. This software does a poor job of telling you exactly what it does, however, so you might want to choose another option.

  • This site offers a cute and retro look to its site. The software offered here costs a whopping $235.00 and is only recommended for the expert astrologer and numerologist. The Kepler program is a professional-strength report writer for many different astrological reports as well as numerology. The site is a bit confusing when trying to figure out exactly what the Kepler software does, and you would think for the price they would do a better job explaining it. One plus to Kepler is that it offers compatibility matches for over 17,000 celebrities.

  • This site actually offers over a dozen different software choices to download, some of which are free and some that arenít. You might want to consult many different free programs here to find out which one feels right to you and which one you feel you can trust.

Numerology is gaining in popularity every day, and with the ever-growing amount of software choices, the average person can become an expert in no time. Since almost all of these programs are either free or come with a free trial period, you have the flexibility to try and use many of these before you settle on one you feel is giving you the right answers.

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