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Seven best astrology sites online
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 11/29/2006 | Astrology Secrets |
Seven best astrology sites online

AstrologyAstrology is something that many people are interested in, but donít really know much about. Almost everyone takes the 15 seconds or so that it takes to read their daily horoscope in the newspaper and then read the horoscope of anyone else in the room at the time. Itís become a tradition in some workplaces. But what if you want to learn more about astrology and its possible impact on your life? The Internet is a fantastic resource for those looking to expand their horizons about astrology. Here are a handful of sites that are excellent at providing information on the world of Astrology

  • Star IQ is, at first glance, a very professional looking website. The site authors try to draw surfers in with a well-designed site and many different choices available to the first time visitor. There are both daily horoscopes as well as weekly outlooks. Maybe the most interesting part of Star IQ is the articles that take a look at current events in politics and  Hollywood and how the stars may affect them. There is also comprehensive information explaining astrology and its history on the left side of the site layout. Star IQ is a good site for beginners and experts alike.

  • Bob Marks astrology page is an excellent first place to start for people who arenít convinced that astrology is genuine. A link on the home page called Astrology for Skeptics takes you though a fascinating conversation with the editor of Skeptics magazine and a conversation Mr. Marks had with him. Essentially, the conversation doesnít necessarily ďproveĒ that astrological beliefs are true, but what it does do is give the point of view of those that practice astrology and why they believe what they do. The site also includes an almost mind-boggling amount of information about how to understand astrology, what all the jargon means and how you can learn to interpret the movement of the stars for yourself. This is a top-notch how-to website.

  • Renaissance Astrology is a beautifully designed site, using warm, welcoming yellows and clear, black text. The site offers a plethora of information about the different parts of astrology, including talisman and Horary astrology. The site also helps to make a distinction between astrology that is used for different purposes. There are links exploring astrology for childbirth, astrology for your job and career, astrology for legal purposes and many others. Very few sites break down the tenants of astrology into such clear and concise departments. Renaissance Astrology is an excellent resource.

  • Astrofaces is a fascinating website that is taking an empirical look at the impact of astrology in our lives. By using traditional scientific practices, Astrofaces is comparing facial structures of those that were born under the same signs to see if there are similarities that cross cultural boundaries. The site uses thousands of photographs and then groups them by Sun signs, Moon signs and their Ascendant. The study isnít completed, but you can visit the site and see how their progress is going. If it succeeds, this site could help legitimize astrology more than any other single study in history.

  • This site walks newbies through astrological chart interpretation step by step. This is an extremely basic site, but valuable as well since chart reading is such an important part of astrology. The site is divided up into six lessons, each with easy to understand text and full colour charts to help you understand what they mean. A great site for beginners who might wonder what astrological charts are all about.

  • The Living Spirit is another well-designed site that deals with astrology in the sense of how it affects your spirit and your day to day life. The site is presented in both Italian and English at the same time, and focuses heavily on healing and using nature and astrology to find inner peace. This is a great new-age style astrology site packed full of information for those looking to the stars for answers. The site also contains many links to other sites that practice the same kind of healing and learning through nature and astrology. A useful site for those interested in new-age medicine and astrology.

  • Astrology for the Soul is run by Moses Siregar, and caters to those looking for their own personal astrological readings. The site also comes with a comprehensive list of news articles dealing with astrology, as well as a handful of holistic medicinal choices in the siteís store. If youíre looking for a top-quality and reliable astrological reading, then this might be the site for you.

While the choices for astrological news and interpretation on the Internet are almost limitless, these seven sites offer a wide range of services. They are perfect for those new to astrology who want to learn more, and they double as a good refresher for the experts out there. Remember, exploring astrology should be fun and exciting, and with these sites, youíll be well on your way to knowing what is in the stars for you!

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