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Finding the 7 Best Tarot Sites Online
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 11/25/2006 | Tarot Reading |
Finding the 7 Best Tarot Sites Online

Tarot ReadingFinding the perfect tarot card reader can be a lifelong process for some people. Finding someone you trust, someone who you feel knows you and understands you and someone who you can afford is a chore. But with the advent of the Internet and the rise of many different tarot card sites, this process can be somewhat easier since you don’t have to go hunting around, or even get dressed for that matter. People can now search for that perfect tarot reading from the comfort of their own computer chair. But which sites are the best and which ones can you trust with your most private questions

  • Lotus Tarot is a great site for many different reasons. The initial layout is very pleasing with a lavender purple background and attractive script used on the site. A very good sign is the fact that they offer a free reading once you register (just email address, first name, login name and password). This way, you can get a good handle on how intuitive this reader is with your energy and if you want to become a regular on the site and spend your hard earned cash here.
  • TarotLaura is also a very well setup site that immediately makes you feel warm and at home. Laura spends a good amount of time on the sit explaining her qualifications and describing why you should pick her without sounding like an infomercial. There is no free reading, but with prices starting at a very affordable 5 pounds per question, it is affordable enough for just about everyone. Laura also supplies useful information on her site about the use of white magic as well as testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Journeys is a professionally designed site that offers more than the previous two. Not only can you get a tarot card reading from Jessica, but you can also get astrology services, as well. The prices for the readings are a bit steeper than the other two sites, with a Celtic Cross reading going for $30.00 US, but Jessica does offer specials throughout the year on her site where you can get a free or discounted astrology reading with the purchase of a tarot card reading. Jessica also offers comprehensive information on tarot card reading as well as astrology basics for those that might be new to it.
  • TarotCycles takes a different spin on tarot card reading by including aspects of horoscopes and astrology. The site design is very basic and easy to navigate around to find the information you’re looking for. The site owner does a good job explaining the difference between his service and that of a regular tarot card reader  via email start at $25.00 with private consultations costing a bit more. You can even subscribe to the Card of the Day to help guide you though the possible pitfalls associated with daily life. For those looking for something a bit different than the regular tarot reading, TarotCycles might be for you.
  • Tarot Services offers a wide range of tarot reading options. The site design is a bit hokey, with some flash animation and the typical starry background, but the prices are fantastic. Not only does the site offer a free reading, it also offers a low-cost $3.00 reading as well. For those that need to have a reading a day, this might be the right site for you. They also offer a chat room for those that wish to discuss tarot or whatever else is on their mind.
  • Jules offers up a unique and interesting tarot card site. An entire series of free and instant readings are available, with many different spreads, including Celtic, Astrological, Relationship and many others. If you want a more intimate reading, she offers tarot readings over the phone for $32.88, payable via Paypal. There are also free horoscopes and breakdowns of individual cards, like The Fool. Jules also offers a shop on her site where you buy things like crystals and jewellery featuring crystals. The site design is easy on the eyes and with the menu on the left side of the screen, it is simple to navigate your way around.
  • Finally, All About Tarot might be the warmest site on the list. A professional couple in City place London offers readings and information as well as parties that are tarot themed. The use of pastel colours on the site immediately makes a visitor feel comfortable and relaxed. The sheer choice in readings on the site is overwhelming, it is truly a one-stop shop for all of your reading needs. Prices range from around 10 pounds up to 25 for different kinds of tarot readings.

Finding that perfect online tarot site can be hard. There are literally thousands to choose from and not all of them seem up to snuff. The best advice you can take is to look long and hard and once you find a site you feel comfortable with, try it out. Once you’ve found one you trust and are comfortable with, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

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