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7 Steps to Finding the Right Tarot Reader and Reading
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 11/14/2006 | Tarot Reading |
7 Steps to Finding the Right Tarot Reader and Reading

Tarot ReaderFor many people, the world of tarot card reading is an exciting, fun and mystical world. Some people approach it simply as a form of entertainment, a neat thing to do on a night out with the guys or girls.

For others, itís very serious and the predictions given by the reader are taken as fact. No matter which camp you fall into, you want to make sure that the tarot reader you go to is someone that you feel like youíre getting your monies worth from. Someone you connect with and someone who you feel is accurate with their readings. So, how can you find that perfect tarot reader? Here are some tips

  • Itís all about trust. No matter if you look for a good reader for six months or six hours, once you find a tarot card reader that you trust, he or she will usually be the right one for you. Tarot card readings can be very intimate experiences for many people and if you are wondering about the readerís legitimacy with the turn of every card, than you most likely wonít believe in the reading or enjoy yourself.
  • Trust your gut. For some things in life, you trust your gut feelings. With tarot card readers, much like blind dates, your first impression is usually pretty accurate. This ties in with the trust issue, if your gut tells you right off the bat that this person is genuine and is going to give you a reading to the best of their ability, than youíve probably found the right person for you.
  • If it is at all possible, go with someone you know. I was lucky enough to actually have a roommate at one point who was a tarot reader. She and I were friends and she was a great person. Those were the most accurate and intuitive readings Iíve ever had. Itís no coincidence. If someone knows you, knows about your life, about your needs, your wants, your fears and desires, the reading will be that much more accurate. Thatís why itís so important to build a relationship with your reader so that they may get to know you and your life and then work that information into their readings.
  • Educate yourself. If youíre serious about integrating a reader into your life and using them on a regular basis, check a book out of the library and learn about tarot card readings. This is also an excellent way to see if your reader is a phoney or not. You can see how they interpret the cards and if it goes against everything youíve read, you can ask questions. An informed shopper is a good shopper, and just because youíre dealing with something like tarot cards, doesnít mean that doesnít apply. This can also give you some insight to the various decks that readers use as well as the particular style they use, too.
  • Study the ad. When you go to look for the right reader, have a small picture in your mind of what youíre looking for. Are you looking for someone to help you communicate with the afterlife, are you looking for someone who is going to give you an accurate reading and make you laugh at the same time or are you looking for something else? By reading the ads in the newspaper, in person outside of their shop and online, you can get a much better idea of what each individual reader offers, and the one you feel matches up best with you would be the one to go with.
  • Concentrate on how you feel after a reading. For many people, a tarot reading isnít just something that happens in that moment, but something to be meditated on for hours or even days afterwards. If a day passes and you find yourself focused on something particularly insightful that your reader said, then there is a good chance you have a solid connection with him or her. If your reader was off and itís still bothering you a day or two after your reading, you might want to consider finding another one.
  • Donít forget cost. As much as we hate to admit it, unless you can find a tarot reader who works for free, you have to take cost into account. This is especially true if you plan on going to your reader once a week or more. As important as the other six points here are, if you canít afford that perfect tarot card reader, youíll have to pick someone else. Unfortunately, this is the ultimate deal breaker. Youíre left with two real choices, go see this same reader less often or choose a new reader. Itís not an easy choice to make.

    The eternal search for that perfect reader isnít an easy one, and it may take you months or even years. For many devotees of tarot cards, when they find that perfect reader, they know it. And chances are you will too.

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