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What's a Moon Sign? How the Moon Influences Your Life and Personality, Part I
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 10/28/2006 | Astrology Secrets |
What's a Moon Sign? How the Moon Influences Your Life and Personality, Part I

Astrology SecretsSome people’s personalities don’t closely match the characteristics of their astrological sign. This may lead them to assume that astrology is bunk, but really they just don't have all the information. For one thing, the descriptives commonly assigned to the various sun signs – the ones that most people know – are just generalizations. By delving a little deeper and reading the more specific explanations of their birth sign, they'll usually find that they're amazingly accurate.

But real astrological interpretation involves knowing a person's complete horoscope – where all of the stars and planets were positioned at the time of their birth.  All of these celestial bodies influence how much the personality falls in line with the characteristics of their sun sign. And the biggest influence is where the moon was positioned when they were born – their moon sign. 

Studying the moon's affect on emotions

Every two-and-a-third days, the Moon travels from one sign into the next. Over a course of 28 days, the Moon travels through the entire zodiac, then makes the same trip again. While your Sun Sign represents your external self – the role you play in the world at large – it's your Moon Sign that determines  your inner emotional self, the way you handle your emotions and how you feel. The position of the Moon at your birth also determines your intuition, vulnerabilities and your fears, as well as the things about which you feel passionately. Your Moon Sign may be the same or different from your Sun Sign, depending on the Moon's position at the time and date of your birth, and reading your daily horoscope for your Sun Sign only tells you about your external life – discovering the influences of your Moon Sign makes for a more detailed and revealing horoscope.

Because the moon rules people's inner thoughts and feelings, looking at the Moon's position can give you an idea of what the general mood of others will be, too. All events involving human interaction are affected by the moon's sign position so, for examples, if you're planning to throw a party, why not check the position of the Moon to see if it's an agreeable time for socializing? Parties are most festive when held under a Libra, Aquarius, Leo or Gemini moon, but are less successful when the Moon's in Aries, Virgo or Capricorn.

One-on-one interactions with others – important meetings, heart-to-heart talks and negotiations – are best held when the Moon moves into the other person's Sun Sign. The Moon has a softening, agreeable effect when it's in your sign, so by planning ahead you can plan to have your talk when the other person is most likely to be amenable to what you have to say. The moon also determines events connected to home and family, so weddings, family get-togethers and reunions – and just the general mood within the family –  are all affected by the Moon's position.

The influence of the moon

Let's say you were born an Aquarius. It's possible that the moon was also in Aquarius at the time of your birth, but odds are better that it was in one of the other eleven astrological houses. Your moon sign has an important bearing on personality and temperament, and influences you domestic life, your moods and how you'll handle the characteristics and traits indicated by your sun sign.

Science has proven that the moon has a measurable effect on humans. Moon actually affects human beings. It's known that the position of the moon affects weather, because of its gravitational pull on the tides, and researchers have long known that weather has an effect on how people feel – changes in atmospheric pressure can people feel achy and dizzy, for example. Old wives' tales about predicting a coming storm because of arthritis pain have turned out to have a basis in fact! All sorts of health problems – migraines, angina, fibromyalgia – can be influenced by the weather. European studies have found that thunderstorms can even alter a person's senses of smell and taste.

What the moon means to you

While the sun influences the way we express ourselves – how we interact with everyone else. But the represents your inner life, your hopes, dreams, moods and emotions. Your sun sign influences what you show to the world – your moon sign is what you really feel inside.

If you know the exact time and place of your birth, a quick online search will find any number of astrologers who can tell you what Zodiac sign hosted the moon when you were born. There are also a number of free birth-chart calculators on the Internet, such as Astrolabe's free service ( ). Once you have that information, you can add knowledge of your moon sign to what you know about your sun sign, for a more accurate interpretation.

Keep in mind that you may not immediately identify with the description given for your Moon sign. We all invest a great deal in the masks we wear for others – often, we begin to believe that our outer selves are our true nature. Your Moon sign is more concerned with who you are on the inside – the secret you that you keep close. So don't just dismiss what you read as incorrect before thinking about it – you may learn something about yourself! Next time, we'll tell you what your Moon sign says about your moods and emotional life.

If you are interested in finding out your Chinese zodiac, go to The Chinese Zodiac is thousands of years old and easily predates its Western counterpart. Even today, millions of believers across the globe consult the Chinese Zodiac regularly.

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