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Vedic Numerology – Learn How Your Name Affects Your Destiny
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 10/22/2006 | Numerology Reading |
Vedic Numerology – Learn How Your Name Affects Your Destiny

Vedic NumerologyEverything in the world – in the universe, even – uses numbers. And since before recorded history, humans have used numbers to understand events and behaviors. Numerology has been used as a tool by many, many cultures. The Greeks used numbers for calculation and divination, and the ancient Hindu texts – the Vedas – describe numerology as the oldest mathematics of the universe.

Vedic Numerology studies the way our lives and personalities are influenced by the planets, and uses nine primary numbers. Advocates say that it’s a tool for communication, and for understanding the dynamics of one’s current karmic incarnation. Vedic Numerology puts forth the view that we are here on earth to learn lessons predetermined the karma we accrued in our previous lives. They believe that there’s a significance to the time, date and place of our birth, as wee were incarnated specifically to learn and grow before moving on to the next level.


Much like the study of astrology, Vedic Numerologists believe that the planets guide and influence who we are and what destiny has in store for us. As the soul manifests itself at a certain time and in a certain place, studying that data using numbers can give us information on what we’re supposed to do during this lifetime. The numbers reveal a psychological profile of our ego – called ahamkara – and what we bring with us in terms of karma, including the strengths and weaknesses that we’ll work on during our time here.

How the numbers work

The numbers used in Vedic Numerology are one through nine, representing the seven main bodies in our earthly orbit plus Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the moon. All numbers are reduced to a single digit so, if you were born in a double digit month like November (11) it will be reduced to a single digit (1 + 1 = 2). The numbers eleven and twenty two are considered master numbers, as the influence of the two (moon) and the four (Rahu) are intensified, and people with these numbers will be great in their charisma, energy and effect on the world. That responsibility, however, also makes them lonely and misunderstood, and they are sometimes seen as arrogant and self-absorbed.

Each letter of our alphabet carries a specific energy vibration, and reveal a great deal about one’s talents, challenges and opportunities. There are good reasons why people choose to change their names, like when they get married or divorced. Using a pseudonym, like a stage name or a nom du plume, creates a different energy that accompanies one’s birth name, and the karmic path on which one travels.

Numbers are influenced by the qualities of their planetary/mythological attributes as well as the energy of the universe and our collective consciousness. This applies to one’s name, one’s age, or the year in which you’re living. It’s not about religion or fortune telling – it’s a simple science that merely looks at the influences that numbers have on the behaviors and characteristics of the material world and the people who love in it.  Each of our lives is ruled by numbers – house numbers, phone numbers, ATM numbers. Numbers are used in everything from medicine and engineering to cooking and finance, influencing every moment of your life. Vedic Numerology is a sacred way to examine the wheel of karma, aqnd figure out how we want to interact with it. It’s a small glimpse at the mysterious order of the universe.

The numbers, and what they say about you

The numbers in Vedic Numerology are assigned as follows:

1, 10, 19, 28 are ruled by the Sun, count 1 for letters: AIJQY
2, 11, 20, 29 are ruled by the Moon, count 2 for letters: BCKR

3, 12, 21, 30 are ruled by Jupiter, count 3 for letters: GLS

4, 13, 22, 31 are ruled by Rahu, count 4 for letters: DMT

5, 14, 23, are ruled by Mercury, count 5 for letters: NE

6, 15, 24 are ruled by Venus, count 6 for letters: UVWX

7, 16, 25 are ruled by Ketu, count 7 for letters: OZ

8, 17, 26 are ruled by Saturn, count 8 for letters: FHP

9, 18, 27 are ruled by Mars, no letters for 9


To find your name number, assign a number to each letter of your name, using the chart above. The name Michael would be 6 –  4 + 1 + 2 + 8 + 1 + 5 + 3 = 24, 2 + 4 = 6. Make the same calculation for each word in the name, and reduce it to a single number.


The characteristics of the name numbers is as follows:


1 – Leader. This person will enjoy great success with family, friends and society, and will be rewarded with positive reinforcement throughout their life.

2 – Teacher. A bringer of cosmic truth and healing to others, who’ll share wisdon and guidance.

3 – Artist. Someone who’ll will inspire others through their idealistic vision, and help society through creative means.
4 – Builder. They’ll challenge the status quo and take a fresh, new look at creating new realities

5 – Entertainer. This person has a gift for communicating to others, and helping to transform the mundane into the exquisite.
6 – Homemaker. A nurturer, this person is supportive and kind, and has a gift for creating soothing environments.

7 – Mystic. Contemplative and philosophical, they will contribute to the world with their contemplation.
8 – Worker. Someone who will bring great changes in the world, and enjoy great fame and fortune.

9 – Humanist. One who works hard, never gives up and loves unconditionally.

The numbers are only a reflection of what you bring into the world with you, and the vibrations of cosmic energy that affect your life. What you do with the information is entirely up to you – it’s on your shoulders to make this incarnation a happy, healthy and productive one!

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